Where does the ART story begin?
The ART Company was born in 1995, but our experience in the world of quality footwear manufacturing spans over 30 years.
Both The ART Company and the ART footwear brand were created in 1995, with an ethos that was deliberately young and happy and carefree.
How has the ART brand developed throughout Europe?
In the past 18 years, we have passed through various stages, all of which realising dreams. Since the very beginning, the Art boots were a phenomenal success with young and non-conformist people of the markets that we entered. This was especially relevant in France, Germany, Holland, England, Italy and Spain.
Our export mission has taught us the importance of the fundamental aspects of our industry: comfort, design, and innovation. We have also learnt to listen to our different European customers, to observe them and try to offer them products according to their likes and preferences. Innovation is the foundation stone of our development.
Since the beginning of our commercial strategy, we have sold over 10,000,000 pairs of shoes to clients from all over the World. We are present in 30 European countries, 2 American countries, 2 African, and 3Asian countries, thanks to the help of a large team of sales agents and distributors, especially taking care of our principal German, French and Spanish markets.
What is the essence of ART’s brand communication?
Exhibiting at the most important trade fairs in our sector has certainly been a very important springboard to give us recognition. Today our attention is centred around an excellent visual presence in our customers’ store window displays, and also around PR, with a particular focus on newspaper and magazines.
Naturally we think that communication is an integral part of our business plan and to this we dedicate substantial time and attention.
How would the ethos of the ART brand best be described?
It’s very common these days to communicate the values of a company, and we think that’s fantastic. At The ART Company our values are: strength, quality, innovation and humour. We are in touch with the exact specifics of our values of our brand, but as a company we interpret strength in terms of the company being the hub of all human activity, and that quality has to be omnipresent. We have mentioned before the importance of innovation to us.
And finally, humour. We think it can open doors, diffuse situations and relax tense atmospheres. This is good for the general mental health and  makes life easier.