Karoline is a family business with more than 25 years experience in the shoe industry. We are based in Elda, near Alicante, in Spain.

As with most of the shoe companies in Elda our origins were based on exports to Europe.

For 10 years we supplied big fashion multiples, independent stores and concept stores throughout Europe.

Then things started to change…the distribution channels, fashion information and business habits all were suddenly “upside down”. This is when we stopped to have a break and to re-evaluate our strategy.

In the early 2000’s  we discovered the markets of Asia, and we liked them.It was not easy dealing with customers from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea as the required quality, designs and fittings were different. It was necessary to modify our working methods to suit this new and exciting market.

Today, after more than 15 years travelling and meeting customers all over Asia, we feel comfortable there and we really love it.

Asian tradition, food and attitude are each a big “plus” for us …shoes are our communication channel. We enjoy what we do and we will do all we can to make it work.

Our latest collections have been designed thinking of the markets in Asia, and particularly those customers we meet every season.

Our exciting and original designs are created in collaboration with various people from the shoe industry and from the world of fashion.

We are passionate about what we do: “Simplicity, Elegance and Comfort” is our motto!!

Santos Ibáñez
CEO at Karoline Studio