Calzados Lodi saw the daylight in a city where the hands of craftsmen have moulded the finest shoes in the world for generations. That was in 1978 and, like so many others at the time, the firm focused its attention on the foreign market, the United States being the main customer for its models. Thanks to a successful investment policy, the company launched its first exclusive collection for the Spanish market in 1980. The company continued its successful line. Its investments in innovation and development made it possible to found the trading company Aura Future in 1992. Calzados Lodi set its course for the future. In 1997, Aura Future was launched onto the European market, the destination of a significant percentage of its production, currently 60%. The internationalisation of the brand was one of the firm’s main
objectives from the outset. At present, its main commercial energies centre on seeking out new markets. Its new facility with more than 12,000 m2 floor space opened at the beginning of the new millennium. Its constant investment in R&D&innovation, the way in which it tracks changes, trends, tastes and new arrivals on the market, its significant sales apparatus in constant search for new markets and its passion for the work it does best make the success of Lodi a safe bet for the future.