enthusiast about something

belonging to a place by birth or to a thing by nature.

We are FANS of the good things in life, the sun, the earth and, above all, the people.
We are FANS of the world, of what is different and what is yours.
We are FANS of walking, the outdoors and chatting.
But, most of all, we enjoy what we do and we like to share it with you.

FANATIVES has just been born but our family has been making footwear since 1941.
Yes, we are manufacturers by tradition and we work here, in our land,
in La Rioja.

We still manufacture here, at home, because we like to do things our way.
Our grandfather started this company because he wanted to improve on what had been done until then.That desire for improvement is what has brought us here.
We are proud of what is ours.

We are walkers by nature.
We like to think that places are transformed by the mere act of walking through them and we love that idea.

Walk, get lost and go forward…
We like to imagine walkable cities in which we have time in our day to walk and to talk.
That’s why we are working for a more sustainable world, always looking to the future.

All our pairs are still manufactured using traditional methods, in other words, one-by-one; slowly but surely.
This is why every shoe is unique and di erent.

Most of our soles are made of natural rubber using a traditional vulcanising method.
Thanks to this system, we can produce soles that are far more comfortable and resistant.
We walk in a healthy way.